Author's note:  A Lowell Story is a science fiction trilogy which explores a positive vision of the future of our world and its inhabitants.  What begins as an attempt to link the history of the city into an interesting framework evolves into a serious examination of such questions as:

       - Why has there been no believable evidence of extraterrestrial contact?

       - How might technology transform human life in a radically positive way?

       - What is the place of consciousness in a coherent "theory of everything"?

The Lowell Story trilogy

Nowhere to run to, no place to hide...


Our galaxy is a dangerous place.  Terrible beings roam the expanses of interstellar space, searching for signs of life, for the sole purpose of destroying it.  The Earth has barely survived several such attacks over the eons, and there are more to come.


On the streets of an old mill city in Massachusetts, Beatrisa, a young Brazilian immigrant, suddenly finds herself at the center of the storm.   What will it take to insure the survival of life on Earth?  Just how far-reaching is the threat?  And why has this task fallen on her shoulders?


The search for answers takes Beatrisa from the distant past to the distant future, and lifts the veil on the nature of reality itself.


For Beatrisa DeSouza, life as an undocumented immigrant in an small New England mill city is a daily struggle.  But her challenges are raised to an entirely different level when she saves a young man from a savage beating.  For this man has traveled through time to draw Beatrisa into a battle whose origins lie millions of years in the past, and which has secretly shaped the history of the city and the entire region.  A terrible creature is trapped in the city, a creature who exists only to kill, and whose purpose is to destroy all life on Earth.  It is about to escape, and Beatrisa learns that she is the only one who can stop it …


Volume 1:  Release (Liberação)

Human beings have become an environmental catastrophe for the Earth.  There is a powerful conspiracy which intends to solve the problem by forcibly returning humanity to a pre-agricultural existence, in harmony with the planet.  It is a brutal scheme, involving genocide on an unprecedented scale.  However, there are those who are pursuing an alternate plan.  They have discovered that there are alien beings headed towards Earth, threatening total annihilation of terrestrial life.  Reducing the number of humans is not the answer: a new kind of human being is needed to  prepare for this conflict.  The genocidal conspiracy is about to strike: can they be stopped in time?


Volume 2:  Survival (Sobrevivência)

Volume 3:  Purpose (Propósito)

The human race is undergoing a miraculous transformation that is turning society upside down.  The poor, the sick, the neglected and oppressed have suddenly become the leaders of a new world, with abilities and lifespans far beyond anything seen before.  In the more prosperous nations of the world, the general population is still unaware of these changes.  But a young California couple, who have started noticing strange things they can't ignore, discover the full extent of the transformation, and why it is so urgent.


Our galaxy is a killing field.  Terrible beings roam the depths of interstellar  space, seeking out life for the sole purpose of destroying it.  One such threat is headed directly for Earth, carrying death in a myriad of forms.  These transformed humans are needed to deal with this onslaught, and the ones that will surely follow.  What is at stake is not just life on Earth, but the possibility of life anywhere.


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