A Lowell Story: the science fiction/fantasy trilogy set in Lowell, Massachusetts
       Volume 1:  Release (Liberação) 
      Volume 2:  Survival (Sobrevivência)
      Volume 3:  Purpose (Propósito)

Tagz and other tales

Dead On Arrival

Introduction:  The Song of Forgetfulness

    "I grew up in an inside-out world.  It would never have occurred to me to describe it in that manner, had it not been my fate to see what lay beyond.  I spend as much time as I can at home, in my familiar surroundings, but gone forever is the comforting assurance that the warm, cheerful world that I see spread across the sky is the entire universe.  My soul is poorer for the loss.

    "I understand what a planet is, and know, intellectually, that it is possible to live on the outer surface of such an object, staring out, day after day, at an infinite, pitiless void.  Knowing that the void exists is bad enough: what sane person would choose to expose herself to this horror for one moment longer than necessary?

    "This disturbing knowledge was my particular destiny, as you shall see.  And, because of that knowledge, I appreciate, as no one else in my world possibly can, the profound wisdom of Forgetfulness."

Coming in 2021:


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